January 9 - Thrifty & Nifty & Shifty

The Unique thrift store on Western and Howard did not have any wigs. What they lacked cheap fake hair, they made up for in floral sweater vests, winter caps resembling puffy Hostess products, and a Chicago 2012 Olympics shirt.

As an introvert I find shopping for women’s clothing to give me more frowns than smiles. I tend to let the Saturday afternoon shoppers’ judgment bother me. With the cashier I have to initiate the “hello”s and “thank you”s.

But I got a new costume for The Bitter Tears show at The Hideout.

We opened with two new songs, “The Passion of St. Matthew’s Passion” and “The Fire Messiah.” Alan’s monologue in “Moline” got a rousing response. Many friends from all walks of life were in attendance, and because it was the record release show for pals My Gold Mask, the show sold out.

Afterward Lauren and our comedy friend Allison and I went to The Village Tap in Roscoe Village. There a man in a pro-Jesus baseball cap hijacked our conservation with pro-marijuana talk.

“There is nothing in the Bible that says you can’t smoke marijuana!”

I should have stayed in my Bitter Tears costume. When he dropped the n-word I made a face. He distinguished that he loved black women.

“A beautiful woman’s a beautiful woman,” I said. He agreed and began talking to Lauren and Allison. Last call saved what could have become an even uglier nightcap.

Verdict: Win

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