January 19 - Groggy Recollection Of A Day

I woke up.
It was dark.
Where was I?
A flurry of muffled cars shook my cradle.
I was on the floor of the van.
Its back window showed The Merchandise Mart staring down at me.
Okay, so I was downtown.
I looked at my cellphone.
Time to go home.

So what did I do today?
I took Lauren to her audition at Northwestern Hospital.
She had to pretend to be someone sick, like in the Seinfeld episode.
While waiting I practiced making Seinfeld music with my mouth.
Lauren then joined me for a run to beautiful Rosemont.
For a restroom visit we chose the Ogilvy Train Station.
Lauren had to wait because someone had OD'ed in the women's room.
Then I had a run to Deerfield.
Then a pick up in New Lenox.
Then I passed out in the back of the van.

At home I drank cheap white wine and worked on a new song called "Unbreakable Pocket Comb"

He kissed her
In the front seat
Hunched over like a vulture
She let him

Her seat belt
Isn't very neat
Tangled up in knots
On her shoulder
Sits his venom

Now she's driving herself home
When she notices his comb
An unbreakable pocket comb

Smoke signals
Off of the interstate
Whispering gently
She listens

"How long have you been in the Golden State?"
It sinks in

She drives through the foothills in a sedan
Her mind clogged with a man
A man she doesn't know
Or care to

So burn
Burn little pocket comb
Burn until he's gone
Burn into the wind

Verdict: Win

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