January 8 - Goodbye Dorito Sandwich Road

My friend Dave is in town. For six years we shared the first floor of a 2 flat in St. Ben's. In that time I watched him graduate from substitute teacher to high school English teacher to frustrated to grad student applicant. Last summer he moved to Amherst to augment his teaching degree at U-Mass.

A potluck was organized for Friday night. In an email he wrote:

I know your culinary skills well, and I am not sure there will be a high demand for boiled hot dogs, Doritos and cheap beer. While I love them, especially when eaten during reruns of Curb, I am not sure others will.

I wrote back:

FYI I made some good garlic shrimp pasta the other night. Lauren has taught me a few things. I'll bring an app and some beer.

Though, Dave had a point. I was raised on cold hot dogs, cake frosting, and Dorito sandwiches. As an adult I learned to not buy cake frosting, and to cook the hot dogs while rewatching Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes over and over again and again.

But I'm not a ding dong anymore. To prove it, I went to the French Market downtown and picked up some asparagus and imported prosciutto. Yes, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus: an incredibly simple appetizer that says, "I no longer eat Dorito sandwiches."

The potluck had a spread of hummus, homemade falafel, homemade pad thai, homemade chili. There was also plenty of wine, beer, and the event's prefix. The turnout was 95% inner city teachers, 5% me. They were having fun dishing and hashing and laughing.
A Mendoza Malbec in hand, I presented my twelve spears of Italian perfection.
"Mmm, these are good!"
I forced Dave to try one. He nodded his head.
"Congratulations, you have graduated."

Relieved, I went out on the back porch and snuck a few bites from my Dorito sandwich.

Verdict: Win

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