January 23 - Recording with Tijuana Hercules, Recording For Sad On Vacation

Any day spent recording music is a win.

Today John and I laid down basic tracks for five new Tijuana Hercules songs.
We recorded in the meat packing district.
Next door to the studio I saw a large, grey industrial waste basket filled to the brim with freshly slaughtered cow heads.
Eyes, teeth, flesh. But no skin.

On a song called "Bitter Spinsters Club" I played brushes on a metal bowl with taut aluminum foil as a drum head. It sounded pretty rad. Lauren's suggestion.

Another song called for three separate tracks of tambourine. My right hip is purple from it. John wanted me to conjure the spirit of mailroom women at church.
God's Monday Bruises.

The tracks sounded great. I'm looking forward to recording more with John.

Later on at home Lauren and I recorded some comedy jingles for our friends in Sad On Vacation. They had a wizard bit that needed jingles.

Like I said earlier...

Verdict: Win

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