January 12 - Comedy Friends

My friend Mick directed the main stage show at Second City. It's called Taming Of The Flu.
With Lauren, who had understudied the show in its previews, I finally got to see the final product. It made laughs come out of our faces.
My friend Emily is in the show as she is tops. Also, our friends Andy and Brad gave us the chuckles.
We opted not to do the improv set afterward. We would have been two of six or seven other friends doing it. Forget it.
Instead we went across the street to celebrate our friend Sam's birthday. He played Roland Burris in the Rod Blagojevich Superstar show at Second City. At the bar we saw many of our friends.

Julie, who just returned from a two year stint in Amsterdam with Boom Chicago
Cody, who traveled the world with Lauren and I while performing on a cruise ship with Second City
Katie, who I hadn't seen since we took an acting class together in 2005
Mark, whose sketch show did very well at the Chicago Sketchfest
Lori, whose spot we keep seeing during Mad Men reruns, and who is now engaged
Jesse, who's touring as a music director with Second City
Brooke, who just filmed a weeklong commercial shoot in LA, and is also engaged
Christie, who is helping me pursue writing
Vanessa, who is doing the new sketch at The Annoyance directed by my friend Mick

It was good to catch up with friends.

Verdict: Win

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