January 21 - Funny Girls

Tonight I practiced with John from Tijuana Hercules. He had a guitar, and I had a snare, and used its case as a bass drum. We're going into the studio on Saturday to record basic tracks for an upcoming 7" and the next full length.

I admire John's loose approach to everything. Over some throwback Pepsi we tossed stories around like a Nerf boomerang, and played with the songs here and there. Most of the songs we had never played live.

The last time we played live was in Lafayette, Indiana around Thanksgiving. The crowd was a strange blend of college kids and their parents, both of whom wanted to get drunk. On stage, we gave away an Asian gonzo porno on VHS. Hoots and hollers followed. Then John attempted to give awaya DVD of Funny Girl starring Barbara Streisand. The hoots and hollers stopped. A lone woman, sounding like an unkissed frog with Vegas throat finally spoke.

"Go fuck yourself."

Since then, John has been trying to rid himself of that DVD to no avail. Oddly, Funny Girl has been sitting unseen on our DVR queue, gathering video cobwebs. So I decided to help John and surprise Lauren with a little giftie gift.

One woman's "go fuck yourself" is another woman's "I love you."

Verict: Win

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