January 27 - Driving, Biking, and "Taxi"

This week I've been working mornings at my delivery job.
I wish every day were a half day.
It's the perfect amount of time, ending before the cancer of misery can take hold.

Afternoons have been spent rehearsing the Rush show with the cast.
Evenings spent rehearsing the Rush songs with the band.

Band rehearsals at Second City are fun.
We work on the show songs and spontaneously play lots of silly covers in between.
Playing the "Angela (Theme from Taxi)" gave me more satisfaction than I thought it would.

Also, I've been riding my bike to and from Second City.
I find the bitter cold and nasty wind to be a sort of unspoken challenge.
In a perverse way, I prefer biking in horrid weather.

It gives me a misguided sense of victory.

Verdict: Win

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