January 22 - Firkin Friday

Unpasteurized beer.
At the foofyish wine bar they sell it in firkins.
On an empty stomach it gets you furckin' loaded.

It was Conan's last night.
We were so moved that we passed out during Tom Hanks.
Good thing we DVR'ed it.
That way I could later appreciate the Neil Young vs. Lynryd Skynyrd nods to Conan vs. Leno, down to Will Ferrell wearing a Neil Young T-shirt during Conan and company's performance of "Freebird."

They say Ronnie Van Zandt was wearing a Neil Young T-shirt when he perished in the plane that ended Lynyrd Skynyrd. He wore Neil Young T-shirts on stage. Without irony.
Despite rumors to the contrary, Van Zandt and Young were friends and admired each other's work.

I suppose that is why Will Ferrell was not wearing a Jay Leno T-shirt.

Verdict: Win

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