January 10 - The Nurse Novels Are Official

After seven months of discussion, my new post-Sandwich Shop band finally has a name.

The Nurse Novels

Thea Lux - guitar, vocals
Tom Vale - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Nicole Vitale - bass and hopefully vocals
Tony Mendoza - drums, vocals

The first practice of the new year contained rust but was healthy overall. We practiced indoors.

Afterwards we consumed drinks and a bite indoors at The Black Beetle. I enjoy when a band can go to a location and have laughters.

With ten stage-ready songs, look for Nurse Novels records and shows to come.

Verdict: Win


  1. I could use an opening band again this year. Punk'N will be returning to the Chicago area again in early June. We are being filmed for a new movie. Would be cool to have you guys open.

    ~Gary F~

  2. I'm excited for the debut show tonight!!!

    Also I do dig the name.