February 28 - Improv Martyr

I went to bed at 4am.
I woke up at 7:30am.
No one knows.

I watched a horde of Forensic Files in a morning coma, then awoke Lauren around 11.
We ate bacon and eggs over youtube reruns of Press Your Luck and Joker's Wild.

Rush Limbaugh! The Musical was taped for the Second City archives. They caught a good one.
Lots of recording lately.
My friends Ray and Kate who own Martyrs' saw the show. I hadn't seen them in ages. Years ago they employed me to dress up and act like Spiderman for their son's birthday party. I rented Spiderman The Movie, and skimmed it for Spidermoves. Most moves I could not execute, so I concentrated on Spiderstances. I could execute one.
On a Saturday afternoon I changed into a baggy Spiderman costume at Martyrs' and surprised a group of 6 year olds from the back of the club. At the time I wore overpriced indie rock eyewear, and so Spiderman did, too. Some kids were so surprised they ran away screaming and crying. The ones that weren't afraid challenged a bespectacled Spiderman to a fight. So I leapt from the stage and froze into a fighting stance. As a young boy approached me I attempted a backward somersault, only to lose equilibrium halfway through. I fell sideways in a headstand position like a drunken oak tree.
When the dust settled, the kids all took turns sitting on my lap and telling me what they wanted for their birthdays.
That afternoon I got drunk.
It was nice to catch up with Ray and Kate.
John from The Bitter Tears and Jessica from Second City met me at the mainstage to watch Lauren understudy on said stage. She was a hoot. We were invited to do the improv set afterward but declined, seeing as we hate doing the improv set. They were great and did not need us.

Later free pizza and beer was enjoyed courtesy of Tim Baltz' birthday in the etc theater.
A cab, a yawn, and a blog later I leave February a satisfied and exhausted asshole.
I hope the apex of being boring busy is behind me.

Verdict: Win

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