February 27 - Nurse Novels Day Two In The Studio

No matter how it goes, I always eventually enjoy a day spent recording music.
Today was no exception.

The Nurse Novels spent their second day at Studio Greg Studios II, a week shy of our first live show.
Today we tackled our more intricate songs onto Digital Performer. Tom's "The Pelts To Prove It" and "Make Me Cry," Thea's "Mirror," and my "Little Boy" and "Inside A Car Wash."
It took us several takes to get each one right.
By 5pm we only had one and half songs done and we were starving from having skipped lunch.
I was beginning to wonder if we had entered the studio prematurely.
Food, dummy.
Eat some.

Pizza and the second installment of Trapped In The Closet energized our spirits and we plowed through the other three and a half songs. Guitar overdubs filled out the sound, while beer and pretzels filled out our bellies. Greg's wife Esther joined us after midnight while Thea and Tom wrapped it up. I slept on the couch and awoke to some nice sounding rough mixes.

I can't wait to pick these songs up again in April. Overdubs, guests and vocals to come.
Our first show is Friday, March 5 at Quencher's.

Verdict: Win

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