March 1 - Lazy Heart

We had a night off from teaching, both of us.
And we spent it well.
2 for 1 entrees at Duke Of Perth.
She had fish 'n' chips.
I had shepherd's pie.
We each drank a Scottish draught ale.
The movie was entitled Crazy Heart.
It stars Jeff Bridges as a self-destructive country singer who falls in love with a young woman played by Maggie Gyllenhaal.
I enjoyed it.
So did Lauren.
But she thought about it some more, and liked it less and less.
As she pointed out its inarguable flaws so did I.
It isn't a bad movie.
But it's The Wrestler without stakes.
We got home and I was KO'ed.
I fell asleep immediately.
I heard Lauren pointing out this flaw as I faded away.
But we had a date out in society.

Verdict: Win

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