February 8 - The Mondays v. Tony Mendoza

Well, Monday came quickly.

At work I made deliveries to or for Head and Neck Surgery, Fletchers Camera, Teamsters City, University of Chicago (twice), The Art Institute, and several prominent buildings in the Loop.

Lauren joined me in the afternoon for a couple of runs down to the South Shore neighborhood, just in time for me to hit my wall and become crabby and make lots of navigational errors. There's a reason why I am alone on the job. No one could stand being captive around that sad frustration.

I took a brief nap before teaching improv in a grumpy fashion. We used non sequiturs as a tool, one of my favorite exercises. The class struggled to enjoy it. I think they eventually had fun, and I think they might have learned something.
But I can't tell.
A sign of an brilliant teacher.

Fuck this day.

Verdict: Loss

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