February 7 - Who's The Cymbal Intellectual?

Lauren and I watched the Super Bowl in the lovely three-flat of our friends Tim and Rebecca.
In 2008, we all lived on the same cruise ship, the "beautiful" Norwegian Jade. In February of 2009, this same foursome watched as Lauren's "Stillers" defeated Arizona in classic Pittsburgh nail-biting fashion. Many chips were also bit that night.

This year's game started off annoyingly, with the Boring Colts outscoring the New Orleans 'Aints in the first half. Add some hateful commercials and it looked like it would be one of those Super Bowls I would lose interest in watching soon.

Luckily, during the half time football chit chat the TV men do, another vintage 60's Zildjian cymbal was up for auction on eBay. Tim and Rebecca made it okay for me to be the laptop douchebag in their home. This time, I signed into my account before bidding, like a genius, and placed my bid. I watched the last two minutes count down in bold red numbering, until I had won it for the bargain price of $70.
"FUCK YES!" I did not scream, but thought politely.
Then like the silliest magic, my teenage heroes The Who took the half time stage somewhere in dopey Florida.
When I first heard The Who (the band that inspired me to play the drums) had booked the Super Bowl "gig," I wasn't all that excited. For me, The Who that I loved had died with Keith Moon. Maybe even a little before then. I'm looking at you, "Guitar and Pen."
But for some reason I really liked The Who's performance. Even though they didn't play "I'm A Boy" or "Picture of Lily" or The Who Sell Out in its entirety.
They played edited versions of their big FM hits that we've all heard too many times already. Townshend did his windmills when he was scheduled to do them (y'know, during "Teenage Wasteland"). The keyboard guy named "Rabbit" sat lifelessly behind his synthesizer, like he's done since 1979. I don't think Daltrey even twirled the microphone around.
But I enjoyed it.
Maybe it was comforting like a blanket.
A blanket of hamburgers.
Mod target hamburgers.

Then the trailing 'Aints started the second half with a goofy onside kick. From there it was all fun and games with friends and chips, and dreams of traveling vintage cymbals, the same kind used by Keith Moon.

Verdict: Win

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