February 17 - Drivin' 'n' Drivin' 'n' Drummin' 'n' Unwindin'

I ate a bowl of Raisin Bran.
I made a ham sandwich.
I chopped carrots and celery.
I drove to 311 S Wacker.
I drove to 111 E Wacker.
I drove to the MCA.
I drove to Diversey and Clark.
I drove to Wrightwood and Clark.
I drove to Lincoln and Southport.
I drove to Wellington and Ashland.
I drove to Paulina and Hubbard.
I drove to 180 N Lasalle.
I drove to Narragansett and Grand while eating lunch.
I ate a complimentary donut from the receptionist at Cloverhill Bakery.
I drove 37 miles to Aurora, Illinois.
I purchased gasoline and coffee.
I drove back to 311 S Wacker.
I drove to 95th and Eggleston.
I drove 44 miles to Carol Stream, Illinois.
I drove back home.
I ate reheated Cuban chicken friscasee.
I learned half the chords to "Mouthful Of Sores" by Willips Brighton.
I took the bus to Second City.
I played drums for Rush Limbaugh! The Musical.
I took the bus home.
I dipped chips in pico de gallo and ate them.
I watched American Idol with Lauren.
I drank one beer.
I fell asleep watching Oprah Winfrey interview Jim Jones Jr.

Verdict: Win

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