February 15 - Knights Of The Asphalt

In the delivery world, President's Day is a working day off.
I did two runs and I went record shopping.
I found an LP entitled How To CB.
It came with a pamphlet containing the FCC rules and regulations, a guide with the Official Ten Code, Slang Names For Major US Cities, and a Slanguage Dictionary.

10-11 means you're talking too fast
10-70 means fire
10-90 means I have TVI
I hope there's a salve for that.

Here are some slang names for major US cities:

Anchorage, Alaska - The Iceberg
Buffalo, New York - The Buffer
Chattanooga, Tennessee - Choo-Choo Town
Cleveland, Ohio - Dirty City
Corpus Christi - Taco Town
Erie, Pennsylvania - Dedd City
Grand Rapids, Michigan - Chair City
Green Bay, Wisconsin - Title Town
Hartford, Connecticut - Stag City
Kalamazoo, Michigan - Guitar City
Kansas City, Missouri - Beef City
New York, New York - Chapter 13
Rochester, Minnesota - Doctor Town
Salt Lake City, Utah - Big Salty
San Diego, California - Swabby Town
South Bend, Indiana - Irish City
Toledo, Ohio - Scale Town

And now some selections from The Slanguage Dictionary, organized by theme:

Vehicles & Drivers
Alice In Wonderland - Indecisive driver
Art Cart - Brightly painted car or van
Blood Box - Ambulance
Bones Box - Hearse
Brain Train - Busfull of school children
Bubble Gummers - Teenagers
Christmas Tree - Well lit truck
Cowboy Cadillac - El Camino/Ford Ranchero
Harvey Wallbanger - Careless driver
Knights Of The Asphalt - Trucker, travelling salesman
Mobile Forest - Truck carrying logs or lumber
Roger Ramjet - Reckless driver
Roller Skate - Imported car
Pregnant Roller Skate - Volkswagen
Thermos Bottle - Truck carrying liquid
Yo Yo - A vehicle with inconsistent speed

Advertising - Police car using lights & siren
Bear Cave - Police station
County Mounty - Local police
Hat Rack - Policeman on foot at intersection
Invitation - Traffic ticket
Kojak - Police
Peter Rabbit - Police
Salt & Pepper - Police
Sloppy Joes - State police
Taxi - Clearly marked police vehicle
What Evers - State police

Beaver - Female
Eager Beaver - Anxious female
Dress For Sale - Hooker/Prostitute
Filly - Female
First Sergeant - Wife/Girlfriend
Fox Jaws - Female C.B.er with sexy voice
Hippie Chippie - Hitchhiker/Female
Little Beaver - Daughter
Pavement Princess - A prostitute that hangs around truck stops
Quasar - Female
Queen - Prostitute
San Quentin Jail Bait - Minor hitchhiker (female)
Seat Cover - Pretty woman
Smokey Beaver - Female police officer
Super Skirt - Woman
Tuitie Frutie - Prostitute
Warden - Wife

Rest & Recreation
Beanry - Coffee Shop
Brown Bottle - Beer
Candy Store - A truck shop with action
Corn Cellar - State or local liquor store
Eat 'Em Up - Restaurant
Funny Book - Pornography
Gin Mill - Lounge/Bar
Green Stamps - Money
Japanese Joy - Foreign made C.B.
Kool Aid - Beer
Little Bit - Sex
Mud - Coffee
Nap Trap - Rest area: hotel or motel truckers use
Pillhead - One that uses pills to stay awake
Press The Sheets - Get some sleep
Quick Picker Upper - Cold beverage (usually beer)
Rain Locker - Shower Room
Rum Room - Bar or cocktail lounge
Short Short - Comfort stop
Stop To Get Groceries - Stop for food
Straights - Cigarettes
Suds - Beer
Thirty Weight - Coffee or tea

Comic Book - Log kept by truckers
Cottonpicker - Used in place of profanity to describle a person
Dandruff - Light snow
Duck Plucker - Used as an obscene term
Going Like A Raped Ape - Driving very fast
Hair Cut Place - Low bridge
Hamburger Helper - Power amplifier used to boost power (this is illegal)
Licorice Stick - Oil/Black top/Tar road
Motion Lotion - Gas
Mouth Piece - Lawyer
Pumpkin - Flat Tire
Rags - Bald Tires
Sailboat Fuel - Fuel tank almost empty
Slappers - Windshield wipers
Smokin' With The Devil - Speeding with poor road conditions
Three Legged Beaver - Homosexual
Wilco - I will comply

Verdict: Win

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