February 2 - Paint Rollers, Pin-Ups & Previews, But No Polling

I went to Clark and Barlow to pick up some paint rollers for the Museum of Contemporary Art. The back office the wall was decorated with power tool pin-up girls from 1990-2003.
Where have they all gone?

One of our clients features a frumpy receptionist who stopped caring long ago. She has the physical qualities of Jughead's mom, and the aural qualities of Agnes DiPesto.
On her desk was a plastic mug filled with a yellowy beverage.
"You havin' margaritas?" I asked.
"Can I?" she responded.
Her delivery was straight out of Peanuts.
I cracked up on the way out.

The Museum of Contemporary Art needed more paint rollers.
So I was sent to Sherwin Williams, whose logo is a paint can the size of Jupiter being poured over the entire planet.
Seems a bit disturbing.
Wouldn't everyone die a horrible death?
The guys there weren't as relaxed as the Clark and Barlow guys, and treated me in a curt, suspicious manner.
I guess there are no paint-related pin-up girl posters.

Rush Limbaugh! The Musical previewed for the first time in the evening.
It's gotten a lot tighter and Mark, who plays Rush, has really dug into the role.
It went over quite well.

This day should be a win.
I laughed at work during the day.
I was part of a successful show at night.

But today was a voting day.
And I did not vote.
My life lately has been so jammed with self-absorbed activities, that I would not have even known who to vote for, let alone where my polling place is.
If I don't vote I have no right to complain.
And complaining is my main source of material.

Verdict: Loss

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