February 26 - A Date! A Date!

It was a good afternoon nap.
It occurred in the back of the van again.
This time at North Avenue Beach.
Every now and then I would hear another car pull next to me.
I poked my head up out of self defense.
A couple of Asian guys.
A guy with a metal detector.
A couple of Velma girls checking their phones.
The end of another long week.

I went home and worked on music, cutting four demos, including a cover of Willips Brighton's "Mouthful Of Sores." I think the Nurse Novels might cover this one soon.
Lauren came home from her wine and cheese shop job and Second City mainstage put-in rehearsal. She's been working non-stop between both locations.
I took a shower for the first time since Tuesday.
Pretty rad.

Lauren and I went out together.
Not to go to work.
Not to go perform a show.
No obligations.

A 12-pack joined us at our favorite neighborhood Ethiopian restaurant.
We ate well, and drank enough to knock us out by 10:30pm.

Fuck yes, please.

Verdict: Win

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