February 19 - Russian Recording & Taco Bell Epiphany

Three out of four cats at Russian Recording kept me up all night.
I was on a hide-a-bed in the social room.
They were up and about playing with loud cereal packaging, and plucking the loud springs of the hide-a-bed. It felt like every 20 minutes a bag of potato chips was wrestling a bear trap, and Fat Albert was trying to end "A Day In The Life."
But the acoustics were great!

Alan didn't fare much better in the control room.
One out of four cats kept attacking his crotch.
Mike didn't get any sleep either. Insomnia (not the band) attacked him in the live room, where there were no cats.

Groggily, Alan and I got breakfast at Runcible Spoon, a cozy house converted into a coffee roasting breakfast nook. More of a macronook, really. The food was delicious! I enjoyed corned beef hash, tender and fresh beef buried beneath a potato mashed in heaven. Or atleast purgatory. Alan's local sausage was delightfully pattied and quickly consumed. We brought back a breakfast sandwich and an omelette for Mike and Mr. Bridavsky.

Refreshed, we recorded "Moline" and "Rough 'n' Ready," both featuring Mike's Grestch baritone guitar. With drums finished, Alan and Mike added guitar overdubs and I hung around, enjoying the process and procrastinating the drive back to Chicago.

By 7pm I was on the road, driving till I spotted a Taco Bell. My hunger was loud enough to chase a mailman, but I only $3. Taco Bell would be the best value. Shortly after 8pm I consumed a chicken soft taco, a bean burrito, and the new cheesy beef burrito for $2.99.
Hmm. I just realized. Who cares?
Too late now. I just blogged about it, and there's no turning back.

But wait.
Who cares about any of this crap?
What service I am providing the world by doing this blog?
Why not just put up pictures of me looking at myself in a mirror?

A couple of people.
None whatsoever.
Because that would unsafe to do while driving. Unlike blogging.

Well, I guess I'll keep it up then.

Verdict: Win

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