February 11 - Dead Man's Nerve

Despite my constant exhaustion and tiresome grumpiness caused by rad overextension, the world continues to exist and be fun for others.

My friends Mick and Jen are creating a vacation in Puerto Rico right now. This evening Jen texted me. She was sitting next to Carli Munoz, the jazz pianist.
Carli Munoz was The Beach Boys touring pianist in the 70's.
But he also played with my goofy heroes Jan and Dean.
When I got the text from Jen, I was subjecting Lauren to a Jan and Dean bootleg called Carnival Of Sound.

I text-asked Jen to ask jazz pianist Carli Munoz what is what like to work with Jan and Dean.

"He said he liked playing with them, then talked about dead mans curve and how sad that was."

Wow, tragedy, but how cool is it to text someone talking to someone who played with Jan and Dean!

Verdict: Win

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