February 25 - Bitter Tears @ Coach House Sounds

The non=stop pace of driving all day, doing shows, recording, teaching, and repeat is taking its toll on my daytime mood, patience, and general happiness.
Tony Mendoza: Whiner or Loser?

However, I love doing the stuff that keeps me miserable during the weekday.
Case in point: Tonight The Bitter Tears were guests at Coach House Sounds. It's a website inside a coach house that records bands onto 1/4" tape, posts the songs online, and allows the band to do whatever they like with the session. The guys that run it, Matt and Doug, are really low key and cool.
It was decided we would mostly play songs we had never played before. And that we would wear stage clothes and make up. Alan looked sharp in his black cowboy wear with black duct tape and black lips. Mike wore his denim floozy onesie. John also appeared dapper in a Southern bolo sort of a suit and burnt cork face. I debuted a new green number I acquired from the reject rack at Second City.
The Bitter Tears played these ones: "The Things Boys Love," "Drank 'til Dawn," "Movin' Down South," "Apple Suckin' Tree," "Please Let Me Into The Drench," "Fire Messiah," and "Stumper."
Look for it in a couple of weeks, or maybe even on the new LP if it sounds decent.

Verdict: Win

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