January 31 - Dumb Appetizers vs. Show Business

The first preview of the Rush Limbaugh musical occurred this afternoon.
It went well.
I could be nit-picky and boring and say "oh I missed a drum fill" or "I anticipated that ending too early" and "everyone noticed my four errors and felt it ruined the show."
But that would be dumb and self-absorbed.
Like this blog a little.

Afterward we hung out across the street with Mick and Jen from the Annoyance.
I drank too much beer and ate 1 jalepeno zapper, 1 chicken stinger, 5 shrimp blangers, and 372 extreme chicken nachos.
A long, cold bike ride and come-down grocery shopping made me useless for the rest of the evening, much to Lauren's delight.
I went to bed clutching my stomach.

It sounds like it should be a loss, but showbiz triumphs trump mild diet errors.
Verdict: Win

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