October 24 - Take Our Time And Meander

People in love can be annoying.
Like cigars and deliberate flatulence.
Stinking up the room with self-absorbed, self-important pooky pooky dookie.

That being said, being in love is fun.
You're allowed to laugh and smile more than the usual amount.
You spend money on things like fun and adventure.
You get naked a bunch.
I will do my best to remain jaded and grumpy about it.

So we woke up engaged.
Our first morning as fiancés.
All vibrant and tippy toes.
We had breakfast in bed.
Yesterday's unused donuts.
But still technically breakfast in bed.
And technically crumby.
Another rainy gloomy day.
I'm glad I found a woman who appreciates this weather as much as I do.
We took a Sunday drive.
That ring beamed like a beacon through the frowny fog of autumn.
For lunch we stumbled upon a place in the middle of nowhere.
The PC Junction.
I don't know why it's called that.
Maybe they don't let you misuse the word "oriental".
The PC Junction is a railroad themed family restaurant.
There were kids there.
And booze for mom and dad.
Plus live poultry by the Galaga machine.
Food and drink were served on a working Lionel train.
It was a real hoot.

Today we also went searching for a keepsake.
On the cold marshiness of Kangaroo Lake sat a clock shop.
It was basically an old widower's cottage.
He didn't hear the screen door slap shut.
But his dog did, and didn't seem much to care.
A cramped room overflowed with used mugs and schooners.
There were a few of those big glass boots you see at German bierstubes.
We looked at cuckoo clocks.
Some of them would definitely not be seen at the PC Junction.
The clocks that weren't offensive were plastic and cheap.
The surprised old widower hobbled over to us.
He walked like a cough.
An old hound himself.
His sad finger nudged time ahead, awakening a battery-operated bird.
It sounded like a Mattel Electronics cuckoo clock.
He hobbled back to his chair and watched football with his dog.
I considered purchasing a clock out of charity.
But it wouldn't remind us of the weekend we got engaged.
It would remind us of the sad old widowed man and his lumbering mutt.
He didn't hear the screen door slap shut.

Our meandering drive continued.
We procrastinated down the peninsula.
Winding curves, a hamburger, and Atom Heart Mother made Lauren queasy.
We stopped briefly at a boat slip to get our bearings.
Lauren pointed out an inukshuk.
I guess it was the weekend's way of saying adios.

Verdict: Win

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