November 18 - Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Today was Lauren's birthday.
She is my current fiancé.
How did I celebrate?
I got up bright and early.
And I tip toed out of the house.
I went to work!

Once again, on two hours of sleep, I PA'ed.
It was a Spanish version of the commercial we had shot last month.
I got to stand-in for the female talent.
It looked like this.

Some of the fellas whispered on the radio about how sexy I looked.
They were right, in a GHB kinda way.

The AD asked if I could slate.
I made the word "yes" with my mouth and found myself purposeful for the entirety of the day.
Miraculously, my slating was flawless.

Meanwhile, Lauren was birthdaying all over Chicago.
She got massages and oilses and featherings and all that stuff the gal pals in Sex On The City did.
Then she went out and enjoyed nondescript celebratory activities during the night.
When she got home I was asleep.
If you squinted hard enough, my snoring almost sounded like a garbage disposal singing "Happy Birthday".

So Hrrrkkkkkapprrrrkkkky Brrkkthkkkkrrray, kkkLrrrrnnnnnnkkkkk!

Verdict: Loss

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