December 7 - Beach Bitching

Beach's A Bitch
We filmed on the beach this morning.
It was 4º.
I wore my polyurethane tights.
It felt like when I used to bike messenger.
Only I wasn't riding a bike.
In fact, I wasn't moving at all.
I just stood there holding onto a cold C-stand.
And when I messengered, no one had me deliver anything to the lake.
So it was nothing like bike messengering.
It was just 4º on a beach.
That is what it was like.

Bitch's A Beach
The weatherman was a lady.
She stood in the cold like a pro.
Even cracked jokes.
She was Chicago.
She was also single.
Chicago is a lonely hot chick.

And Then You Die
Next stop was the zoo.
This time Jerzy went with the crew while I stayed with the equipment.
I guess I missed a tiger eating raw meat or something.
Oh well.
Sometimes life is a piece of raw meat shat out by a doomed, castrated tiger.

Verdict: Loss

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