December 26 - Almost Home

Football was on TV.
Bears vs. Jets.
We were waiting for my mom.
She had gone out to run a quick errand.
That was over an hour ago.
She wasn't answering her phone.
We were dressed and ready to go.

In the meantime, Lauren was going over lines.
For all of next month and the first week of February she will be in Louisville performing with The Second City.
While trying to memorize the show, my aunt asked Lauren lots of questions about acting.
Surprisingly, Lauren was happy to answer her questions.
Her family doesn't show much interest in her performing endeavors.

My uncle watched the football with me.
He's not the biggest football fan.
But he watched it with me.
He seemed moody.
I think he misses his brother still.
There's no one to speak Spanish with anymore.
No one that knows Cuba.
I miss him, too.
Every day.

My mom finally returned.
She was holding two big sleds.
She bought sleds.
She thought we might want to go sledding.
We just wanted to go home.
We said farewell to my aunt and uncle.
It would be the last time I would see my Uncle Jose.
In February, an uninsured driver would hit him head-on while he waited to make a left turn.
But I didn't know that yet.
I'm glad I got to see him one last time.
Mom was right though.
We could have gone sledding.

Verdict: Win

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