December 12 - Mem'ries Only

The Nurse Novels met at Thea's to go over new songs.
Tom moves to Rhode Island in 106 days.
Our plan is to record as many songs as we can before he moves.
Then go dormant.

We freed the songs from their demo purgatories.
Nicole's bass lines gave them a good goose.
Can't wait to hear them on a proper drum kit.
Right now I bang on notebooks.

Today was my friend Mick's birthday.
He founded The Annoyance.
Tonight he premiered a film called Bandicoot!
It was written and performed by him and my old comedy cohort Josh.
It is the stupidest film.
And this is why I love Mick.

I hung around afterward.
That's what you do at Annoyance.
A couple of former students of mine said hello.
They seemed genuinely glad to see me.
I hadn't felt that in a while.
Unfortunately, I couldn't remember their names.

This year on the plane to Amsterdam, I saw my high school English teacher.
Mr. Erford.
I hadn't seen him since graduation day.
I wanted to say hi.
But I didn't.
We were in the same room for nine hours.
But I didn't say hi.
I saw him at baggage claim at Schiphol.
Still, I didn't say hi.
I didn't want him to not remember me.

Then I went home.

Verdict: Loss

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