December 18 - Last Nurse Novels Activity of 2010

The Nurse Novels had a show tonight.
I wrote a smart ass press release and sent it to The Reader, The Onion, Time Out, Tribune, Sun Times, and New City.
Here it is:


Dear iTunes,

Why can’t I get my band onto iTunes?
I have a band.
We’re The Nurse Novels.
We’re really good.
But everytime I drag our record from my Desktop to the iTunes store, it justs zips back to the Desktop.
I even created a folder called “Nurse Novels”.
But the iTunes store won’t take that either.
I figure if The Beatles just figured out how to do it, then so should we.
I tried to find your number online but I couldn’t find it.
That’s why I’m writing this letter.
Please call me.

Thank you,
Tony Mendoza
The Nurse Novels
 (my phone number)

P.S. iTunes rocks!

The Nurse Novels with The Heavy Bombers
Saturday, December 18, 10pm
400 S Wells
5 dollars


My old tricks don't work anymore.
No blurbs on us anywhere.
It seems the press wants to cover bands that care.
I do care though.
That's why I write these anti-press releases.
I figure they get inundated with bands and paragraphs and adjectives.
If I can make them smile, right?
That's my goal.
But like I said, my old tricks don't work anymore.

It's funny though.
The music I'm making now is the best music I've made.
But I've lost the energy to promote it.
So it will go largely unheard.
That is funny.

Enough people turned up for the show to happen.
We played well.
People were mostly listening during our set.
I think I got some aggression/depression out on my kit.
I liked whipping around it on "Here Come The Warm Jets".
We're a good band.
We do care.
I'm glad a few people got to hear us while we're still around.

Verdict: Win

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