December 21 - Electronic Distraction (Not Video Games Or Porn)

How do you shake a depression?
With distraction.

I woke up bright and early and drove north for one day of work.
A commercial shot on location at an electronics compound.
A store, their offices and the warehouse all in one spot.

I was the craft services PA.
I lugged around coolers all day.
"Anybody need a water?"

Around 8am I was dispatched to pick up some camera gear that had been accidentally left behind downtown.
An eighty mile round trip.
The roads were dead.
Cold and dead.
It wasted less time than I had hoped.

We filmed all over the compound.
Interviewing employees.
"Anybody need a water?"
Around 1pm I was dispatched to get some coffee and Emergen-C.
GPS said there was a Starbucks on some railroad tracks in the forest.
There wasn't.
Just some railroad tracks.
And some forest.
They didn't have Emergen-C there, either.

It would be a long day.
My fellow PA Atom complimented me on a recent Facebook status.
"Depressed = deep rest"
He liked that.
Hey, I try.

We filmed all over the warehouse.
Everyone screamed over the noise.
Around 8pm I was dispatched to pick up second meal.
I almost ate shit on the ice holding a stack of ten pizzas.

We got done around 9, which meant 10.
It was a long day.
But it prevented me from exploring more depths in self-loathing moronism.

Verdict: Win

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