December 14 - Groovin' With Mr. Blow

It was an easy shoot.
People wearing ear buds and grooving to bad music on a green screen.
The director was a friend of mine from the incestuous world of improv.
He was nice to me.
"Maybe we'll get you in there, too," he felt obligated to say.
Though we both knew that there was no way I was going to be on camera for any of this.

Julio and I moved some couches for the clients.
"You still gonna work in radio?" Julio asked.
Oh yeah.
Last time I saw Julio, I had just started PAing and was looking toward public radio.
Before I got discouraged.
Sometimes I think I'm going to do something.

The line producer came up to me.
"Hey, Tony.  It's Paul.  I was a student in your class."
I didn't remember him at first.
Of course.
But then I did.
I felt embarrassed.

I set up lunch tables.
I took out the trash.
I got coffee.

Lex put the VTR girl in front of the camera.
She grooved to the bad music.
I guess it could be worse.

Verdict: Loss

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