March 25 - Fantastic Voyage To Red Lobster

At 5pm I delivered an envelope to Empire Carpets ("eighthundred588-2300 Empiiiire"). They're located on a frontage road along the 294 in the west suburbs.
In the lobby, a glass case contained a stuffed doll of the Empire Carpet guy.

I had the most relaxing rush hour drive. From the industrial corridors of Northlake to downtown Franklin Park. Through the Seymour Simon Forest Preserve following the Old Indian Treaty Boundary. Past Superdawg and into the Clayton F. Smith Woods. The traffic flowed smoothly all the way to Red Lobster in Lincolnwood, where I met Lauren and friends for dinner.

We ate so much fish. Jessica and John (pictured) ordered full dinners served on furniture-sized plates. Cody got looks from other families as he entertained us with his ship stories. Rebecca acted as the lookout while Lauren and I smuggled three cheddar biscuits in a tupperware for later. Much later.

Verdict: Win

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  1. Alan fucked the Empire Guy's niece. She went to New Trier