March 15 - Woozy, Thank You For The Fortune You Brought My Way

What a spacey one.
I think the weekend of steady beer, meager sleep, an unnecessarily intense, beer-fueled bike ride, and an hour lost to daylight savings ultimately dehydrated me.

The alarm went off at 6am so I could groggily take the mommyvan to the mechanic for its 92K breast exam. In the waiting room I wrote a pitch to The Annoyance for a 20 minute show about a Beatles tribute band called Beatlemagica.
$180 later the van was ready for another day of work.

A delivery to Burr Ridge got me turned around, and I found myself on Archer Avenue on an endless sprawl of forest preserved highway. Suddenly there were hills and trees and a bronze statue of a bare chested laborer next to some railroad tracks. I didn't know where I was, and I loved it.

Then I got lost on the way to Naperville, but found cheap gas near a quarry in Bolingbrook. I waited for a pump behind a car with the personalized license plate: HAGAR 55. It took me close to five minutes to find a muffin at the gas station. A cashier with a Crash Test Dummies haircut in a ponytail was very hospitable. Had I not gotten lost I would have paid 10 cents or more per gallon on fuel.
Witchy Kreskin moment: When I found a parking space at the end of the day, The Loop was playing "I Can't Drive 55."

Lauren had her first whole day off, perhaps this year. She hand made ricotta filled gnocchi and sauce. It was completely delicious, the most pillowy gnocchi I've ever had. I wolfed it down graciously before heading out immediately to teach an improv class.

I felt woozy in class. Close to fainting, I think. I've never fainted (on my to-do list).
But somehow I felt on top of my game, and gave thoughtful notes. At least it felt that way.

I came home with a tune in my head and wrote it out.
A sea shanty in F. No lyrics, but it wants to be a sung from the perspective of a ship's crew bemoaning a lengthy list of problems on their sinking ship, but ultimately celebrating, barrels of mead-style, as they inevitably perish in the sea.

For being so out of it, it seemed a rather prolific day of goofy fortune.

Verdict: Win

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