March 24 - Hiss Piss

I got some rest finally.
Spring break in the suburbs means the big boys in the buildings are on break, too.
So I napped in the back of the van in an Office Max parking lot.
I'll take it.

In one week, Lauren will leave for a six week gig with The Second City in Arizona.
Three days before her return, I will leave for a three week tour of Europe with The Bitter Tears.
So in the next two months, we will see each other for about eight days.
Boo. Hiss.

The time leading up to these long goodbyes is usually a bit stressful.
A big dumb clock seems to dangle over your time together, like a frowning, fly-paper mistletoe.
After making about $50 at work, I picked up Lauren from Second City.
We ate grilled cheese and tomato/tortilla soup.
Then I immediately had to drum for Rush.
Shit. Piss.

This is the fourth consecutive night when I've come home and Lauren is out on the couch.
It feels like we've hardly seen each other this whole year.
Boo. Piss.
Shit. Hiss.

Verdict: Loss

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