September 10 - Grundler Bend Day Ten

"You Suck" & "Fuck You"
Tonight we filmed on the actual Grundler Bend.
The same stretch of spooky road I drove down frequently as a teen.
For the occasion I wore a Danzig shirt I bought in 1991.
I had been looking forward to this night.

These days Grundler Bend is an oft-travelled strip in the town of Flatulett.
We closed the road without the presence of police.
The residents of Flatulett were assholes about it.
They let out a lot of hot air.
They were not silent.
Nor were they deadly.
But they stunk.
Like eggs.

I Hate Grundler Bend & You Hate Me
Tonight everyone hated each other.
The radios didn't work.
It was all just static and anger.
We aborted the concept of communication.
The film crew stayed down by the railroad tracks.
The production RV's stayed 3/4 of a mile away.
There was nothing to do.
Nothing of worth to do.

All Is Gas & Gaiters
Around 4am, Jerry had me fill up a gas can for the portable generator.
I took Holli's car to a gas station and filled up the battered plastic gas can.
While lifting it into Holli's backseat I noticed a hole in the cheap, battered, defective plastic gas can.
And then I watched it spit gas onto Holli's absorbent seats.
Then I yelled and swore.
I swore some more with the windows rolled down.
And then I left the windows rolled down.

Trains, Rain & Recreational Vehicles
"That's a wrap," someone said.
It began to rain down hard.
I drove the RV toward the railroad tracks.
Time to break down all the wet tents and wet chairs and wet shit.
The actors trooped through the rain like fresh, new vagrants.
Their soaking arms flagged me down.
Remnants of compassion made me stop for them.
They climbed in.
"Who's driving?" they asked through the furnie pad privacy drapes.
"It's Tony," I answered.
"Are you going back to the hotel?"
"No-" and they trudged out before I could tell them anything more.
It's just as well.
I didn't know anymore.
Other than they hated me.

Oh shit, Holli's windows...

All night the producers had insisted that the railroad tracks on Grundler Bend were never in use.
After all, they grew up around here.
So they would know.
I had seen a train once.
But that was in 1992.
Since then the tracks had been updated and refurbished.
This was done to accommodate the lack of trains.
The producers knew best and filmed on the tracks all night.

Around 6am a freight train chugged through while we wrapped in the rain.
It blew its mighty whistle at us.
It was loud.
This was because it was ten feet away.
We were fortunate that none of the cables or equipment or actors were still on the tracks.
Because then the producers would have been wrong.

I never once did participate with any of the filming done on the actual Grundler Bend.
The reason I said yes to this job.

Verdict: Loss

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